I just love hearing from readers and how my books have impacted their lives in some way. Yesterday I received two messages from readers and both were about Professionalizing Motherhood. One was from a mom here in the good ole USA and one was from a mom in Poland!

Here’s what Jilayne in the USA wrote:

I really appreciate your books and am so glad I happened upon them a year ago. I believe it was a divine appointment that the Lord used as another piece of the tapestry in my life. I hope I get to meet you in person one day!

I found your books on Amazon. I had just had my fourth child and I was still floundering in my identity as a woman/wife/mother, and struggling with the fact that I didn’t have a college degree like all of my peers. I didn’t have anything I could show off and say “I did this.”

I began reading Professionalizing Motherhood and it absolutely transformed my perspective. I felt free from the social expectations of earning a college degree and having a “real” career, because what I was (and am) doing as a wife, mom and homemaker has not just earthly value in raising the future generation, but more importantly it has eternal value because I have been given this profession by the Creator of the universe!”

This is what Ewa in Poland had to say:

My name is Ewa Gleba. I am from Poland. I am a mum of three children. Six years ago, I read your book Professionalizing Motherhood. It is a really fantastic book, which opened my heart for mums in Poland.

I organized some mums groups in our city (Poznań). Today we are about 57 mums being in about five groups of 8 – 10 mums in each group.

I am dreaming of connecting Hearts at Home with our mums. The problem is the language. Your ideas should be shown and organized not only in USA, but also in Poland.

Being with mums and for mums is something that I am carrying in my heart and I really believe, that to be for mums is a very important thing. It is important in USA and in Poland and everywhere. (I am very sorry for my poor Englich. My German is much better.)

I stay in pray for you and perhaps we can organized something useful for Polish mums.

These letters warmed my heart so much!  Two thoughts come to mind:

First, if you’re a stay-at-home mom wondering about the value of what you are doing, please check out Professionalizing Motherhood.  It has been a game-changer for so many moms.

Second, if you are a friend of Hearts at Home, please know that your partnership is making a difference in the lives of moms all over the world!  The Polish version of Professionalizing Motherhood was a book we were able to do because of our donors.  Our events in Europe (annually in Austria, Hungary, and Holland) are donor supported events.

It’s humbling, exciting, and evident that when we all come together in Jesus name, we can make a difference!

What about you?  What Hearts at Home book has been powerful for you? 

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