Sometimes life is hard. It seems like one challenge follows another. And if we don’t keep our head and our heart in the right place, it’s so easy to slip into living a discouraged and defeated life.

Today, I get to share a conversation with someone who truly inspires me by the way she has navigated the most difficult parts of life.

My friend, Rachel Wojo, has experienced divorce and miscarriage. She’s lost her mother to leukemia, her special needs daughter to a rare syndrome after watching her suffer daily for many years, and recently her husband lost his job for no fault of his own. It’s not been an easy journey. Yet, she has found that God’s Word is where we find real and life-giving solutions to all of the difficulties we experience.

In this episode, Rachel shares openly about the challenges of navigating loss, myths about grief we all should stop believing, why God’s Word really does contain all we need for each day, and so much more. This is one I’m simply grateful to share, and I hope it is validating as you process your own experience, inspiring in your walk with Christ, and refreshing as you move forward.

As Rachel says in today’s episode, “We don’t necessarily move on, but we can move forward.” Friends, let’s move forward in confidence and assurance of the true Source of our strength, especially when we simply feel like giving up.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

[Book] One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up by Rachel Wojo

Rachel Wojo’s Website

Rachel’s Bible Reading Plans

Connect with Rachel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

My Key Takeaways:

There’s no “check off the box” for grief. Rachel’s perspective and story is powerful, and I so appreciate her openness about how difficult it was for her to work through grief because of how un-linear the experience is. As Rachel says, “We don’t get to just check the box and move on, we are constantly building ourselves to cope with all these new emotional stresses and triggers.”

We can’t compare our grief or loss to others. Sometimes it’s easy for us to think, “Well, so-and-so experienced more loss than I have, so I shouldn’t be processing as much grief as they are.” As Rachel shares in her own journey compared to another family she knows, it’s important for us to recognize that our own loss is real, valid, and is worthy of grief.

It is so rewarding to be in God’s Word every day. “God’s Word is living and active, and it meets us where we are.” There is new insight and refreshment every single day as the Holy Spirit guides us into fresh understanding for our unique journey. While it’s definitely easy to fall out of consistency in many seasons of life, I am so grateful for Rachel’s reminder that God’s Word really is the nourishment that makes it possible for us to keep going.

About Rachel:


Rachel Wojo hosts Bible reading challenges on her popular blog, which rallies readers of all ages to search God’s Word for solutions to life’s problems. Her site has over 30,000 subscribers, and her six-week Bible reading plan for children is used by more than four million people worldwide. Rachel is the author of One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up. She is also a public speaker and contributes monthly articles for well-known faith-based companies. Rachel is crazy in love with Matt and they have 6 children on earth and 2 in heaven. To learn more, visit



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