Tuesday, February 27 at 7 PM CST

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How We Built a Better Marriage After Broken Trust
Tuesday, Feb 27, 7pm CST

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Question 1

How you can trust again even if you feel betrayed now and think you can’t get past it

Question 2

How to avoid the pain of falling back into a marriage the ‘way it was’ before trust was broken

Question 3

How to move your marriage from hurtful to hopeful while building a happier, healthier marriage and a wildly engaged connection

*if your spouse isn’t ready to recommit to your marriage, click here for a different webinar that we created for you during the “waiting” time

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This is Your Path Forward.


Self-described as being married 40 years, 30 of them happily.

During the hurtful years, we dealt with pornography, high amounts of criticism, and even infidelity. Our hearts were miles apart.

Mark chose to separate and pursue an affair relationship. He had decided to file for divorce. Jill was devastated, our family was devastated, and our grandchildren were confused.

During this broken time, Mark asked Jill to connect to figure out how to make the divorce as easy as possible for the people we both loved.

Thankfully, God had other plans for us.

Even with the little time we were spending together, God moved our relationship from hurting to hopeful in only the way He can.

It took time and work-both personal work and couple work­­-but it was worth every bit of effort.

Since then, we’ve moved from Mark and Jill 1.0 to Mark and Jill 2.0. Our relationship is healed, our hearts are connected, our family is intact and now we have the marriage we always longed to have.

Now we’re committed to offering hope and help to other couples.

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