Thank you for purchasing the Romance Bundle!

You did it!

You made an investment in yourself and in your marriage!

Here’s what I have learned: with marriage, if you’re not rowing, you’re drifting. So this Romance Bundle will keep you rowing and moving forward!

You now have these goodies on your computer or phone, but I want to encourage you to now put them on your calendar! That’s right…schedule time to watch or listen to the workshops! Put your dates on the calendar–even if it’s once a month for the next five months. If you have kids, go ahead and get a plan for childcare in place–get it on your favorite sitter’s calendar, ask grandma, or set up a trade with another couple who would also like to get a date night on their calendar!

You can’t connect in marriage without intentionality. You took the first steps in intentionality…now get a plan in place to use these!

I want to be your cheerleader so I’ll send a few more things your way over the next few days in your email!

Come to our Date Night at the Savage Farm on June 3, 2022