I confess that my husband has me listening to country music on occasion.  I’ll get in my car after he’s driven it somewhere and a country music station will croon “my dog died” songs to me out of the stereo speakers.

Yesterday I was subconsciously listening to the music that was already playing when I hopped in my car.  I suddenly realized the words that were being sung were, “She loves me like Jesus does.”  I turned up the music and listened carefully to the words by Eric Church:

All the crazy in my dreams,
both my broken wings,
every single piece of everything I am.
She knows the man I ain’t,
she forgives me when I can’t.
That devil, man, he don’t have a chance.
She loves me like Jesus does.

I’m not advocating the theology of the song.  That could probably be argued. Regardless, the last line of the chorus is a powerful one.  A very powerful one.

This past year God has taught me a lot about loving like Jesus does in my marriage. I shared a little bit of that story in a short video I recorded for Focus on the Family and posted on my blog last Monday.  My love lessons aren’t finished yet…I’m still learning more about living that out on a daily basis and making needed changes.

I was reminded of that yesterday as I listened to the words of that song.  You know, God can speak to us in any way He wants…even through a country music song.

So here’s my question for you today. Do you love your spouse like Jesus does?

Think on that, talk to God about it, and let it bug the living daylights out of you.

You’re welcome.

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