The most effective place for us to slow down and simplify is to soak in God’s Word at some point in our day.

When my kids were little, I kept a Bible in every bathroom so I could “refuel” on God’s truth in the very few minutes I might have a couple of times a day in the bathroom (yes, there were often little fingers under the door!)

Today’s assignment for slowing down and simplifying is to read one chapter in the Bible.  It will likely just take you about 3 minutes…but it will likely be the most important 3 minutes of your day!  If you need some suggestions to read, try one of these (I’ve linked them to where you can always find a Bible online if that’s easier for you.)

Psalms 91

Colossians 3

Hebrews 11

Matthew 7

May God’s truth sink into our heart and soul today.

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