Do you remember the two great guest posts by Shari Braendel last August?  She was the one who taught us how to dress for our body shape?  (You can find those posts HERE and HERE if you missed them.) She’s featured today on Focus on the Family’s LIVE Webcast with more help for looking your best.  They will have a live fashion show with real women with real bodies.  Click HERE to watch it from 2-3 ET, 1-2CT, 12-1 MT, and 11-12 PT. You can also watch a recorded program at a later time.

So are you taking the challenge I issued yesterday to slow down and simplify?  If you weren’t able to do the “Five Minutes in Creation” challenge from yesterday, you can still do it today.  It’s never too late to start with something like this.

And don’t make this an all or nothing thing.  Do them as you can.  Each one you do will benefit you in some way.  (By the way, if you tried to comment on Monday or Tuesday’s post’s but had trouble…the problem should be fixed now.  I’d love to hear about your love languages or your “5 minutes in creation” experience.)

Today’s strategy for slowing down is to write a card or a letter to someone. In today’s email and text society, we tend to forget the beauty of sending and receiving a handwritten note.  What aunt hasn’t heard from you for a while?  How about a friend from church who needs encouragement?  Has someone done something for you that you need to send a thoughtful thank you note to?  How about your husband…could you write him a love letter?

Take a piece of paper and a pen and send some love to someone today.

Want regular encouragement?

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