I’ve been sharing over the past few weeks about the concept of having snacks and meals with God. A snack is a short time for reading the Bible, journaling, or talking with God. A meal is an extended time of doing the same thing.

We’ve been primarily focused on the concept of having some extended time with God. But today I want to share with you about the value of “snacks” with God.

Every mom needs snacks with God everyday. Snacks are little nuggets of truth from the Bible and little conversations with God.

When my kids were little I used to place a little Bible in each bathroom. Even if I had just a minute alone and even if there were little fingers under the door, I could read just one scripture verse in the Bible that would keep me going until the next bathroom break! That’s the beauty of a snack with God. Sometimes snacks were scripture verses I wrote on an index card and posted on my bathroom mirror, my refrigerator door, or on the front of my microwave!

A prayer snack was walking outdoors to a beautiful sunny day and say, “God, this day is beautiful. Thank you for your creation!” Or it was praying while I did laundry. Or while I was preparing dinner.

Snacks are simply practicing the presence of God.

Want to join me in pursuing snacks with God? I’d love to hear about it! Have you had a meal with God yet? How did it go?

If you need to jump start in practicing the presence of God, you might want to pick up a copy of Real Moms…Real Jesus. It’s a great resource to help you understand that Jesus is a Friend who understands.

And every mom needs a friend who understands.

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