ThinkstockPhotos-450798763Mark says: Today we start another round of Whole 30 eating. We did it initially in January and I was amazed at how much better I felt after dropping 10 lbs and eating healthier. I admit, though, my motivation is based upon Jill’s desire.  Left to my own, I would probably not pursue healthy eating.

Because of Jill’s cancer journey, I know it’s important to her. Therefore, it’s important to me. 

Jill says: Yesterday we spent the day on the motorcycle. Mark loves to ride. I’m learning to enjoy it, but left to my own, I’d not pursue riding at all.

I know it’s important to him. Therefore it’s important to me. 

Mark says: Marriage is the blending of two lives. Each spouse has unique interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, and talents.  Some couples have shared interests, but more often than not, most couples have differing interests.

Jill says: In order to deepen intimacy, blend two lives, and live out our commitment to one another, we sometimes need to step into each other’s world.  We do this out of our love for our spouse.

IMG_20150830_182933970Mark says: Sometimes we discover we actually enjoy the activity and it becomes a shared interest. Sometimes, however, we have to learn to simply love being together.

Jill says: If we’re honest, it’s often selfishness that keeps us from stepping into our spouse’s world. Sometimes it’s a priority issue that fuels our justification. “We don’t have time” is an easy excuse to use.  Yet, it’s important that we make time, prioritize, and give selflessly to invest in our marriage.

What about you? What are you making important because it’s important to your spouse? What do you NEED to make important because it’s important to your spouse? 

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