Mothers Day

Someone once asked me what the best advice was that I received from my mom.  I thought about the question a lot and I couldn’t think of specific advice I got from my mom. What I realized is that my mom offered “advice” simply by being someone worth following.

My mom showed me how to be hospitable. Anyone was welcome in our home for any occasion.

My mom showed me how to serve. She led the women’s ministry at our church, served as a VBS coordinator, and helped with many programs in the community.

My mom showed me how to love well. Unconditional love is something I’ve seen all of my life through both my mom and my dad.

IMG_0768My mom showed me how to work. She cooked, cleaned, sewed, ironed, and did whatever needed to be done. She also expected my sisters and I to do the same.

My mom showed me how to be an engaged grandparent. Even though we live hours apart, each one of my kids has a special relationship with my parents.

My mom showed me how to live a life of integrity. She was honest and expected her kids to be too.

My mom showed me how to love Jesus. My dad and mom took us to church every Sunday. They encouraged us to go to church camp every summer. They showed us how to do things God’s way.

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. This year I will be honoring my mom with a gift to Hearts at Home on her behalf. I’m able to recognize her for all that she has done for me while helping more moms through our mission at Hearts at Home.

Will you join me?

When you make a gift in honor of your mom, we will send her a personalized card on your behalf. If your mom is no longer with us, you can make a gift in her memory. All honored moms will be listed on the Hearts at Home website.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 

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