Ok, so this should make you laugh. Today, I was driving down the road to pick up my son. I’d driven at least 8 miles when I came to a stoplight. The car next to me was honking like crazy so I rolled down the window. The frantic woman said, “You have a cat on the roof of your car!”

I got out of the car and sure enough, our cat, Angel, had been riding on the roof of my car the whole 8 miles! She loves to sleep on top of the car in the garage, but I shoo her off when I get in the car. Today I didn’t see her at all when I got in the car!

I passed dozens of cars during that 8 miles. I can only imagine that they must still be laughing about what they saw!

And Angel, she’s no worse for the wear. But when I went outside to snap this picture tonight, she wasn’t sleeping on the top of the car like usual!

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