I’ve shared before that we do a birthday breakfast tradition at our house.  When we celebrate a birthday, it’s cake and ice cream for breakfast!

However, when Mark asked me yesterday what I wanted for birthday breakfast, I told him I really didn’t want cake and ice cream because I’m trying to be good about what I’m eating these days.  Kolya’s 19th birthday was less than a week ago and we still have ice cream cake from that celebration…I really didn’t want more sugar in the house!

So Mark made my Six Week Muffin Recipe for birthday breakfast today.  Not as healthy as a piece of fruit, but definitely healthier than our usual birthday breakfast fare.

Over the years, I’ve learned to ask for non-traditional gifts for my birthday.  One year I told my husband that I wanted he and I to go to the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. No kids, and I wanted to read every sign!  So that’s what we did and it was the best gift ever!

Today I told him I wanted to go back to bed after my 5:15 am exercise class and my birthday breakfast, so he took the boys to school so I could do that.  That was a gift!

My friend Julie, told her husband one year that what she wanted for her birthday was a night alone in a hotel room.  He found a great deal online on a hotel room in town and he took the day off to care for the kids.  She scrapbooked to her hearts desire in the room, watched whatever she wanted on television, and slept in the next morning.  She said it was the best birthday ever!

What do you want for your birthday?  What non-traditional gift have you asked for? What would you like to ask for?

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