If there’s anything I’ve learned in difficult seasons of marriage, one of the most important prayers to STOP praying is “God, change him/her.”

Instead we need to pray, God, change me.”

I’m applying that to this season, as well.

Several months ago, I shared about a book I was reading called How We Love.  In reading the book, I learned that I tend to avoid emotion. Since reading the book, I’m trying to be more tuned into my emotions and my needs as well as other people’s emotions and needs.  I’m not there yet, but I’m learning.  God, change me.

I like control…so God’s been working with me on that.  “Let go, Jill,”  I hear God whisper. But I like to make sure things are going to go a certain way.  “Don’t you trust me?” He asks.  God, change me.

I can easily turn to idols.  I think most of us struggle with that.  Earlier this week I shared about how my friends have helped me and one way I didn’t mention is that they hold me accountable.  In other words, when I need my butt kicked, they’re willing to do so!  My friends have challenged me to be careful about putting anything but God on the throne of my life.   My family can become an idol.  My marriage can become an idol.  Anything that I give more time and attention to than God can become an idol.  God, change me.

God doesn’t waste any experience in our lives.  The Bible says that what the enemy means for evil, God uses for good. (Genesis 50:20).  Because of that, we can utter the prayer, “God, change me,” and trust that He will grow us, change us, mature us, and strengthen us even in the hardest challenges.

What about you? Do you need to change the prayer you are praying?


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