25 Days of GiveawaysI was reading through Christmas story recently and I realized that my favorite part of the story is Mary’s response to the news that she was going to have a baby—even though she was a virgin!

It’s caused me to think about how I respond when God wants to work through me in a way that might seem unacceptable culturally. Let me give you an example of God using a person like that.

My friend, Brenda, recently shared with me about a young man who was invited to step out of the business world and become the Missions Pastor at a local church here in Bloomington.  He and his wife were really praying about this because he was positioned to climb the corporate ladder where he was employed.  Yet, his heart was so mission-focused and he wanted to do something with that, as well.

As he and his wife prayed, they asked God for clear direction.  Several days later they were traveling on a tollway in another state.  There were four people in the car and he was sitting in the back seat behind the driver.  The driver pulled up to a toll booth to pay the toll.  After he paid the toll, the woman in the toll booth looked at the back passenger window and asked him to roll the window down.  They were, of course, confused by this request so she asked again, “roll that window down, I need to tell you something.”  Finally, they rolled down the back window and she looked right at this young man and said, “You need to do what God’s telling you to do.”

And that was it.

There were other cars behind them and they had to pull through the toll station.  Everyone in the car was floored.  “What just happened?”  “How could that woman have known?”  And then finally, “I think we have our answer.”

I got chills when I heard that story.  God works in mysterious ways.  But what if I’m part of the “mysterious way?”  What if God asked me to deliver a message like that to a complete stranger?  Would I do that?

That’s why Mary’s response challenges me and makes me think.  That’s why it’s my favorite part of the Christmas story.

What about you?  What is your favorite part of the Christmas story?  You can read through it online here and here if you’d like to click through, read it, and think about it for a few minutes.

The winner of the Day 23 drawing will receive a copy of the Hearts at Home book The Mom I Want To Be by T. Suzanne Eller.  This resource is designed to encourage moms to be the best mom they can be, regardless of whether they had a good mothering model for themselves.

You can leave a comment until midnight Thursday, Dec 24 to enter this giveaway (make sure you include your EMAIL in your comment!).  You can Facebook, Twitter, or blog about it to get additional entries into the drawing! Subscribing to my blog or getting a friend to subscribe to my blog will also add additional entries! Just email me at jillsavagegiveaway (at) yahoo (dot) com to let me know about the extra entries.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite part of the Christmas story!

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