In the Savage home we celebrate birthdays with cake and ice cream for breakfast.  However, I told my husband that the best birthday present for me was to let this birthday girl sleep in today and do cake and ice cream later. 

In celebration of the unique person God has created me to be, I thought I’d share with you 25 things that my might not know about me.

  • I love peanut butter!  Peanut butter on bananas, melted peanut butter on ice cream, peanut butter on a spoon (who needs bread?)
  • I don’t like nuts in anything.  Hard things like nuts should never be in soft things like brownies. 
  • I hate coconut.  (It’s a texture thing.)
  • I love musical theater!  I’ve played Hodel in “Fiddler on the Roof,” Minnie Fay in “Hello Dolly,” Jeanie in “Brigadoon,” and multiple roles in church productions over the years.  Madrigals and Swing Choir were also favorite performing groups.
  • I taught piano and voice lessons for 15 years.  Stopped after child #4 came along and older kids were entering the teen years.
  • I live in 100-year-old farmhouse out in the country.  I say I have the best of both worlds: I live in the middle of cornfields where it’s quiet and beautiful…but I’m only two and a half miles from Walmart!
  • I’m a night-owl (and my husband is an early bird….opposites attract!)
  • I’m the oldest of three girls….all of our names start with J: Jill, Jackie, and Juli. (And I have an Aunt Judy, Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Jim, cousins Jan and Jeff and they had a dog named Joker….well I think you get the idea.)
  • I’m a terrible gift-giver…but I love to spend time with my family and friends!
  • I’m a recovering messie.
  • I love history and when I go to a museum I love to read every word on the displays! 
  • I played the flute and the bassoon in high school.  Yes….I really played the bassoon!  And I was first chair for a while!
  • I was bit by a brown recluse spider when I was four-years-old.  I was very sick and my parents were told that I might not live.  But I did…and I don’t even have a scar on my foot anymore!
  • I love to read…especially anything about people.  Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and….People Magazine (I know…I know…it’s my one vice!).   
  • I hate to shop. 
  • I would never buy new clothes if it wasn’t for a husband who makes me give up things like the purple bathrobe I wore for 22 years (I’d had it since high school and he made me get a new one on our 20th anniversary.  It didn’t even have any holes in it!)
  • I’m very frugal. Why does someone need new when the old works fine?
  • Summer is my favorite season.  I love the warmth of the sun!
  • Winter is my least favorite season because I’m always cold.
  • No coffee for me…tea lover here….especially Tazo Passion Tea!
  • I love a hot bath with candles.
  • I’m an introvert…I get refueled by being alone.  
  • I do not like spicy foods….mild only for me.
  • I’m an adoption advocate. Our family didn’t need another child, but there was a child who needed a family.  That’s why we have five children instead of four!
  • I love Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind!  (Ok, you might have known that one!  I don’t usually keep that to myself!)

Which one of those things do you relate with the most?

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