Last week Kasey participated in our Third Thursday Blog Hop.  She told a story of when her son decided to create his own “sprinkler system” on a public playground. (You can read her story here.)

When I read her story last week, there was one beautiful statement that another mom said to her when she discovered her son’s creative “sprinkler system.”  This mom said to Kasey, “I know you’re going to handle this, but don’t let your embarrassment decide his punishment.”

Those are words of wisdom for all of us.  We could also add, “don’t let your anger decide his punishment,” as well.

When we’re in the middle of parenting, our kids do anger us.  They do embarrass us. However, we have to learn to keep our emotions in check when dealing out consequences.

For myself, I find it best to step away from a situation if at all possible before determining what consequences are appropriate.  If you’re dealing with a little one, you may need to respond more swiftly, without the benefit of stepping away.  In that case, just keeping this wisdom at the forefront of your mind is so very important.

So let’s learn from each other.  How do you keep your emotions from determining your child’s consequences?

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