As a mom focused on everyone else in my family, one of the hardest things to do is to drink enough water everyday.

Water is amazing. Just like a car needs oil to run, your body needs water to run. It makes up 60%-70% of our body and is absolutely necessary for life.

To some, 8 glasses of water a day may seem impossible. It can get boring and not the first thing you reach for. Or, we dump powdered packets into our water and add chemicals that make it more flavorful but less beneficial. If you are someone that struggles with the blandness of water, try some of these tips for making it more exciting, but retaining or even boosting the benefits for your body.

1) Add leaves.  Many people like mint leaves in their water. In the produce aisle, pick up a packaged or loose-bound mint leaves. (In the summer, I just go out in my yard and pick the mint.  It’s so easy to grow!) Rinse them for 60 seconds under running water, tear up a few and drop them into your water bottle or pitcher for a light, refreshing infused mint flavor that will keep you reaching for that water.

2) Add juice. Adding a bit of citrus (lemon or lime) to your water can boost metabolism. You can also add an orange or cucumber slice!  The next time you go out for dinner, order a water with lemon or lime (or both if you are adventurous) and drink a full glass before your meal comes. Water is also a natural appetite reducer.

3) Use crazy cubes. Freeze things like whole raspberries, tea leaves or cranberries into your ice cubes. Not only does it look neat, but also adds flavor as they melt!

What about you?  What strategies do you use to drink enough water in your day?

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