5 pounds! I’ve lost 5 pounds! Wahoo!

I have my momentum and I’m finally pursuing my need to lose a few pounds. I struggled throughout the fall to find the strength and momentum to make this happen. Finally about two weeks ago I had had enough. I committed to eating better and exercising regularly. It’s finally making a difference!

In my twenties and even my thirties, weight wasn’t much of an issue. And if I wanted to lose a few pounds, I simply put my mind to it and it happened so easily.

My forties, however, have been a different story. If I even chew on an idea I gain weight! It’s been so discouraging.

Dee Brestin has challenged me of late with the concept of moderation. We don’t live in a world that understands moderation. We overeat, overwork, overanalyze…we overdo everything! When it comes to food, for me, I find that I use food for many things other than nutrition. I’m a stress eater for sure. And I definitely eat when I’m bored. And if sugar is in the house, especially in the form of chocolate, I can think of nothing else but when I will eat it! In too many ways, food has become my god. I don’t even like the look of writing that on the screen. It’s hard to admit.

But God is a jealous God and he longs for my full attention. My full worship. That’s what I’m focusing on these days.

Anybody else want to join me?

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