A few weeks ago my husband’s employer changed health insurance companies. That’s a bummer when you’re in the middle of a diagnosis/treatment program like Erica is. Knowing that Mayo was not “in network” I submitted an appeal to allow her to complete the program “in network.” The difference is thousands of dollars.

Yesterday morning the insurance company finally answered the appeal with a “no.” I won’t get started on what I really think about that. But we had to make the decision yesterday to not complete the week. We met with the therapists and asked them for as much homework that they could provide. They were very accomodating.

After we made the decision to go home, I had the opportunity for a “yes” moment. “Mom, since we’re so close, do you think we could go to Mall of America?” This “I hate shopping” mom wanted very much to say no. But remembering my own “yes” mom challenge, I said yes. So today we’re heading to Mall of America. I don’t love shopping, but I love my daughter!

How are you doing on the “yes” mom challenge? Share your stories here!

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