I simply said, “Erica, you need to see this sunset. You might want to take some pictures. It’s gorgeous,” and she got up off the couch and forgot all about the show she was watching.

Earlier this summer I said, “Boys, have you thought about going to church camp? When I was your age, I loved church camp. Would you like to find out more information about going?” Their affirmative response led them to a week of camp last week that they both loved.

Earlier this spring, I said, “Kolya, what if you put one of your Lego creations in the county fair? We can sign you up for 4-H and you can see if you can get a blue ribbon.” He loved the idea, signed up, and received a blue ribbon last week.

Sometimes it feels like we’re talking to a brick wall with our kids. But much of time, we have such influence that it changes the direction of their day, their summer, or even their life.

I’ve been thinging…In mothering sometimes the little things are really the big things. We can’t underestimate the power of a simple comment, suggestion, or idea. Because it can make a big difference!

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