Two years ago, when my Grandma celebrated her 90th birthday, I chose to write a tribute to her.  As we remember her life over the next two days, I think it’s only appropriate to honor her here as well.  Grandma went parasailing when she was 88.  These will forever be my favorite pictures of her.

May 4, 2007
You have been a foundational presence in my life, and today, on your 90th birthday, I want to tell you how much that has meant to me.
From the time I was very little, I have always felt comfortable at your house.  You provided a loving, encouraging environment for the grandkids and we always felt welcome.  I remember helping you prepare Grandpa’s lunchbox and always getting the treat of a vanilla Snack Pak pudding.  We didn’t have those at home, so that was a special treat at Grandma and Grandpa Chambers house!
You are a gifted seamstress and you helped make many of the clothes I wore through the years.  As I became involved in drama and musicals you helped make my costumes.  You would cut and mom would sew.  You two made a great sewing team!  Even as I’ve become a mother myself, you’ve helped with costumes and sewing projects for your great-grandchildren. 
You definitely have blessed us with your ability in the kitchen.  Birthdays and special occasions are always made more special when you bring your famous chocolate sheet cake.  No one makes one like you do!  And what would a wedding be without your cream cheese mints?  They were served at my wedding and my daughter’s wedding, too.  They are definitely a Grandma Chambers specialty and a family tradition we all love.
Grandma, you have always been a cheerleader for your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.  You never forget birthdays and you have attended musicals, dance recitals, band concerts, piano recitals, sports events, and any other activity your grandchildren or great-grandchildren have participated in.  We all know we are cherished and loved by you.
I earnestly hope that I will have the same spunk that you have had your entire life.  Your trip to Hawaii and your parasailing experience—both experienced in your 80’s— have inspired me.  You have not let age stop you; you have continued to enjoy life and even take in an occasional adventure. 
Thank you for investing in my life and being intentional about being available.  Thank you for engaging in the lives of your children and grandchildren.  Today we celebrate you and all that you have brought into the lives of those you love.
I love you!


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