Today I just found joy in the simple, yet diverse tasks of mothering. There was the usual laundry, making dinner, and checking homework. But today it was two of my older kids that needed my encouragement and time.

After making new curtains for her bedroom this weekend with her grandmother, 17-year-old Erica decided to use the leftover “zebra” material and create a new purse. Erica used to think she wanted to be a fashion designer. She’s now decided to pursue cosmetology school beginning in January, but she still has the ability to envision a creation in her mind, sit down at the sewing machine, and make a new creation. I’m amazed because she doesn’t get her sewing skills from me. I have the know-how (thanks to several years of 4-H and a seamstress mother), but I don’t enjoy it like she does!

Then this evening Evan wanted to move his piano to the apartment where he and his new wife live. The apartment is actually the upper level of an older home and the steps up to their entrance are quite steep. With a couple of strong friends, and some ingenuity, we were able to get it up the steps and into the house. It was foggy outside and the fog came out uniquely in the photographs!

We made it! There was quite a sense of accomplishment after that task!

And a sense of accomplishment for this mom, who is seeing the fruits of her efforts as her older children work independently, live independently, and grow into mature, loving, respectful, responsible (most of the time!)adults.

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