The last month has been a challenging month for me physically. I haven’t felt well with my fibromyalgia and because of that, I stopped exercising. When I visited the doctor she asked if I was exercising and I couldn’t lie.

“I was all summer,” I said, “but over the last month I haven’t felt well so I haven’t exercised.” And she replied, “And you haven’t exercised so you don’t feel well. It’s a fierce cycle.”

After we talked a few minutes she suggested that I just exercise for 5 minutes on the next day. Then five more minutes the day after, and adding 5 minutes each day until I was back up to my usual 30 minutes.

I did as she suggested and I’m now feeling better and back into my exercise routine. But what I’ve been thinking about is how “all or nothing” I am. Because I didn’t feel well enough to exercise for 30 minutes I didn’t do any exercise at all. The concept of backing off and just doing a little bit didn’t even cross my mind!

Now I’m starting to pay attention to how much I do this with most everything at home like laundry, cleaning, and organizing. I paralyze myself because I can’t do the whole job so I procrastinate doing it at all.

My goal for October is to be more intentional about starting something with just small steps or a small amount of time. That’s far more realistic for my job as a mom.

Do you find yourself with the “all or nothing” syndrome? Want to join me in breaking out of that?

I’d love to hear about it!

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