This is from a reader about Compassion, International. I thought her words were meant to be shared with more than me so I asked her permission to share them with you!


I am so glad that you talked about your trip to El Salvador again and how it changed your life. I was one of the people who followed your blog that week and was so very touched by all that you wrote about and experienced. It was a no brainer for me then to decide to approach my husband about sponsoring another child through Compassion. We chose a 11 yr. old girl from El Salvador named Jennifer. She has been such a blessing to our family in the past year. She has written us several letters and has drawn many beautiful pictures for us and has shared many things that are going on in her life. My daughter, Nichole, took the time to write to her in Spanish and had her Spanish teacher proof the letter before we sent it to her. We are waiting for Jennifer’s response now.

What most people, I think, look at when they consider sponsoring a child is the financial aspect and how their money and letters will help that child both physically and emotionally. What people may not realize or consider is what an impact that child will have on their lives. My experience has been that both girls that we sponsor have blessed us immensely and have caused us to really pray for help and healing of the poverty in these less fortunate countries. We have also grown to love and care for these girls and our hope is to be able to meet them someday just like you were able to meet your Compassion’s child last year.

So thanks for reminding us about your trip and I plan on looking at your blog again right now and reflecting on how blessed I am by God to have to resources to help out my two Compassion children, Belsy and Jennifer and to show them God’s love through the letters I write.

Have a great day!

Debbie Goumas

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