I heard a quote the other day that caught my attention. It was simply this:

The most radical thing you can do today is to be present.

That hit home!

I realized that my kids can walk in the door, say “hi,” and I say “hi” back without so much as turning my head.  The same can happen when my husband walks in the door and I’m on the computer.

Of course, with kids more is caught than taught: Too often I’ve watched my kids hang out with their friends, while texting another friend.

Being fully present myself and teaching my kids to be the same is something I can often neglect.

88096895No matter where I am or who I’m with, eye contact, body language, and listening are key to being fully present. So I’m working on all that “radical” behavior, because it matters.

Today I’m issuing a challenge to myself and to you. Let’s be radicals. Let’s be fully present when we’re with the ones we love.  Personally, I’ve found it helpful to follow these three steps:

Stop: Stop what I’m doing.
Look: Look the person in the eyes.
Listen: Listen with my eyes and my ears!

What about you? Will you take the “fully present” challenge today?  What strategies have you found to keep yourself from being “distracted” in your relationships?

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