Recently I was reading Thriving Family Magazine, one article title caught my eye: Become Your Spouse’s Publicist.

In the book world, a publicist is one who advertises and promotes books.

It got me thinking…Do I more often give my husband “bad press” or “good press?”  If I’m honest with myself, there are times that my tendency is to talk negatively about my husband than positively.

Here are 20 things I love about my husband:

1. He is a man who loves God’s truth.
2. He has a gift talking to people and helping them discover things about themselves.
3. He loves people and see God’s best in them.
4. He has a tender heart that is sensitive to God’s Spirit.
5. His spiritual gift of discernment never ceases to amaze me!
6. He’s not afraid to change when change is needed.
7. He’s fun!
8. He gives incredible back rubs.
9. He’s a hard worker.
10. He has a servant heart that blesses others in so many ways.
11. He has a gift with fixing things.
12. He is a wonderful father.
13. When the kids were little, he was so good to give them baths and get them to bed so I could have a break.
14. He has helped me raise our children…he is truly a partner.
15. He is predictable…and I love that about him!
16. He takes out the trash without my asking.
17. He is thoughtful.
18. He understands me.
19. He takes pride in the yard and caring for our home.
20. He is handy with things around the house.

Why don’t you take a stab at being your spouse’s publicist today?

Go tell someone the good things about your partner!

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