It’s the Third Thursday Blog Hop where once a month you can “hop” around to different mom blogs to find encouragement on the topic of the month.  Today’s topic is “When did you realize that you weren’t on your own in this journey called motherhood?”

I believe I first realized that I needed a mothering community was when we moved to a new town with a two-year-old and a four-year-old.  I lived three hours from extended family, knew very few people in my community, and I honestly felt more equipped to be a music teacher (what I went to college for) than a mother.

After settling into our new church, I invited a few moms to join me for a weekly moms group.  There were 8 of us and we hired one sitter to watch our kids in the basement.

As we read a book together and discussed the chapters, I slowly began to see my need to be with other women who understood what my life was like.  Sometimes they provided answers I needed.  Sometimes they empathized.  Other times they encouraged me through tough seasons.

Now…22 years later, I still need a mothering community–but it looks different than when my kids were younger.  I now find my community in my long-time friendships and at Hearts at Home where I get to hang out with other mothers…many who are in the same season of parenting I’m in.

Every mom needs a mothering community.  Tell us about yours!

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