Here are some other great mom blogs that are participating in the March blog tour for Real Moms…Real Jesus. Most of these have the same basic information but some are doing giveaways for the book!

While you’re there take a look at some of their other posts. You might find a new blog friend!

Cindy 3/6/09 (This one wasn’t on the list last week and I don’t want you to miss out on her fabulous website full of wonderful parenting information!)

Karla 3/8/09

Chris 3/9/09

Christine 3/9/09

Laura 3/9/09

Jill 3/10/09

Pam 3/10/09

Jamie 3/10/09

Bethany 3/10/09

Meg 3/11/09

Claudia 3/12/09

Trish 3/12/09

Takiela 3/13/09

Bonnie 3/13/09

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