Yesterday’s post brought about quite a bit of discussion. It seems we all have alot of trouble asking for help or letting others serve us. I thought I’d share a story that happened many years ago which challenged my perspective on this particular issue. When I struggle allowing someone to serve me, I think back to this interaction to reframe my thinking.

About twenty years ago when Mark was in Bible College, we had two small children, and were dirt poor we went to a wonderful little church in Mt. Pulaski, IL. The pastor and his wife took us under their wing and became like adoptive grandparents to Anne and Evan. One day Pastor Don greeted Mark at church and slipped a $100 bill in Mark’s pocket. Once Mark realized what Don had done he protested. We knew Don and his wife lived on a limited income in this little church. This was a big give in our eyes and we just couldn’t accept.

Mark tried to give back the money over the next few minutes until Don said this, “Don’t ever deny me the opportunity to serve my Lord.” Wow. That was a different perspective. Mark and I talked about it later and we came to understand that if God is going to teach his believers to have a generous, giving heart then someone has to be the recipient of their time, energy, efforts, or even finances.

If we refuse to allow others to give to us, then we are denying them the opportunity to be used by God or to have God grow their heart in generosity.

It’s something to think about…

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