Yesterday was a great day at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. I’m traveling with two Hearts at Home leaders and we spent the day talking with Focus on the Family about ways that our two ministries can partner to encourage moms better than ever! While I was there I did some radio recording they’re going to use for their weekend radio program in May 2010. (Wow–they work far ahead!)

After Focus we decided some sight-seeing was in order. David, a good friend of mine from high school, lives in Colorado Springs and has for twenty years. He’s a professional photographer and takes the kind of pictures you find on calendars and postcards. (check out his website to see some beautiful pictures!) We bartered a steak dinner for him in exchange for his services as a tour guide site seeing in the mountains. It was so great to just take in the beauty of God’s creation without having to navigate with a map!

We ended our evening with an almost slumber party with fellow mom and comedienne, Sally Bauke. (I think we laughed and shared mom stories until well past midnight!) Sally lives in Ohio, but happened to be in Colorado Springs last night to see her son at Parent’s Weekend at the Air Force Academy. (Sally is featured at both of our Hearts at Home conferences this fall! She’s incredible!)What a full, God-day it was!

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