I follow one of my favorite authors on Twitter. This week @TriciaGoyer tweeted: John came home for lunch. I’m still in my pjs. We had leftover casserole. Comfortable love is totally romantic.

I love the concept of “comfortable love.” It describes that place in a marriage relationship where you don’t need to impress each other any more. You can really be comfortable being just plain old you with each other.

Of course, the danger is that we can get too comfortable with one another. That’s when we aren’t sensitive to each other’s feelings, or we don’t take care of our personal hygiene, or we don’t make any effort to make our relationship a priority.

But comfortable love accepts you for who you are warts and all.

Comfortable love accepts how you are different from each other and doesn’t try to change you into someone you aren’t.

Comfortable love allows for human failures and responds with grace rather than anger.

Comfortable love is ok with leftover casserole for dinner on occasion.

I’d like to know: what does “comfortable love” mean to you?

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