I will forever be changed after today.

I have never seen such poverty in my entire life. I don’t know that I can even explain what I have seen and experienced. Entire families live in a room the size of my master bathroom. They have so little, yet those with Christ in their heart have so much joy.

I believe now, more than ever in the work that Compassion International does for children and families. Compassion partners with local evangelical churches to run their Child Development Centers known as “Projects”. Today we visited two different projects. I think the pictures tell the story best:

The children met us as we got off the bus. They were so excited to have guests.

Erica and a Compassion child who sat together during the program the children did for us.
This is the project’s garden. They are growing food for the children in hollowed out tires.We went on a home visit. This is the entrance into the “house” we visited. The family that lived in this house has three children. Their daughter Marianna is 4 years old and is in the Compassion program.

    This is the back yard of the home.This chair was sitting outside the home.
    This is where the children wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.This is where they wash the dishes in the project center.The children who are involved in the Compassion program have such an advantage over children who are not in the program. They not only learn about Christ, but they learn about nutrition, receive regular healthcare, receive one meal a day, and are given a relationship to someone who believes in them (both the Compassion staff and those of us who are sponsors).

    Tomorrow we will spend an entire day in one project. By the way, we did receive our luggage at 10pm last night. Thank you for your prayers!

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