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This week has been a challenging week for my 18-year-old daughter, Erica. Late Saturday night her body began twitching uncontrollably.

Initially the doctors thought that she was having a reaction to a new medication she had started. She stopped taking the medication, but the twitching turned into all out jerks in her body. They happen about every 5 seconds.

If you are familiar with Tourette’s syndrome, what she is experiencing is like Tourette’s without the noises that those with Tourette’s also deal with.

Yesterday we spent hours in doctor’s offices and finally ended the day in the neurologists office. He said these are called myoclonic jerks and she has an extreme presentation of these. They have no idea why they are happening.

She had an EEG this morning and then started on some new medicine that can hopefully slow or stop the jerks enough for them to be able to do an MRI (you have to lay very still for an MRI). However, this medication is a tranquilizer so we’re praying that it won’t affect her ability to function.

She’s a freshman in college and has had to miss classes all week. She’s unable to work as well.

As a mother, this has just broken my heart. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop this experience for my daughter. I can only support her, love her, pray for her, and advocate for her in the medical process.

Will you pray for her? Pray that the involuntary jerks will stop and that the doctors will have the wisdom to figure out what is going on.

What are you facing that you can do absolutely nothing about? Is there any way I can pray for you?

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