Do your children ever lift their arms as if to say, “Mommy, pick me up?” Maybe they crawl up next to you on the couch and lay their heard in your lap, looking for a loving caress. Even if your kids are too old to be picked up (my teenagers would break my back now!), they still may enjoy a snuggle or a hug that connects them to the security of Mom or Dad.

In the same way, God wants us to reach out to Him. When we’re weary, He wants us to stretch out our arms and say, “Pick me up.” When we’re sad, He wants us to snuggle up to His Word and find comfort in it. When we’re feeling lonely, He wants us to feel His arms around us, confirming His presence in our lives.

As you spend time with God this month, call him “Abba Father,” which means “Daddy.” Even though we may be too big to crawl up on our earthly daddy’s lap, we’re never too old to snuggle up to our Heavenly Father, pour out our heart to Him and find a peace that passes all understanding.

Joining you in the journey,

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