Mark and I are self-described as being married 26 years, 16 of them happily. We’ve worked through the highs and the lows of our marriage relationship. When we got to the other side of our difficult season, we determined we would do whatever we could to help other couples strengthen their marriage. Out of that, we developed the ABC’s of A Healthy Marriage seminar that we now do in churches all over the United States. This blog continues our mission to provide honest, open communication about the challenges of marriage and strategies to make your marriage the best it can be.

With the beginning of summer, we have to always revisit our “date” schedule. During the school year we have a “date day” on Fridays—Mark’s day off. This works great during the school year, but not so well during the summer. We’re leaning toward a weekly date night during the summer.

How about you? What’s your summer “dating” plan?

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