I loved hearing about all of your wonderful Christmas picture ideas!  Three moms sent in their pictures and I want to share them with you because they are so fun and inspiring!

The first one is from the Bennett family.  Leann said, “We have “fans” of our cards – ever since I made an ‘I Spy’ one several years ago. Everyone asks what we are doing each year. This year we went with the music theme and made an album cover. It’s meant to look like a CD with a song list inside (Best of 2009) and then liner notes explaining why that song fits us for the year. It’s always fun to come up with an idea and then a challenge to make it happen!”

Becky sent in this picture of her three kids on the beach.  Simple, but precious!

Monica sent in the Thomas family Christmas card!  I love how they used the car!  Don’t you?

Funny thing about the Day 21 giveaway: I didn’t post what the winner of the Day 21 would win.  And I can’t believe nobody called me on it!  Hmmmmmm….just how close are you reading these posts??

Anyway…it was a surprise giveaway and it’s a big one.  Congratulations to Devin who won a complimentary Hearts at Home Conference registration or a Hearts at Home Home Conference Packet!

Yes, I will be giving that same prize away as the final grand prize next week, but we threw an extra one in there for fun!  Congrats Devin!

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