In recent weeks I’ve been devoting one post a week to the concept of having a “dinner date” with God. It’s important that we have “snacks” and “meals” with God. Like any friendship, when you spend time together, you strengthen the relationship.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that it’s very important that we never get into any sense of obligation about spending time with God.


Because obligation smacks of religion. And God’s not interested in religion.

He wants relationship.

So what’s the difference?

Religion keeps you content right where you are.
Relationship wants more of God and desires life change every day.

Religion will have you accept things without questioning or searching for the truth.
Relationship will have you searching for the truth to guide your life and change your heart.

Religion will teach you about God.
Relationship will introduce you to God.

Religion happens on Sunday morning
Relationship happens every day of the week.

Religion is “do.” You need to earn your salvation.
is “done.” Jesus died for your salvation.

This is an important concept for us to understand because any type of spiritual discipline can become “religion” if we go about it with the wrong motive.

I don’t want to spend time with God because I “should.” I want to spend time with God because I want to. Because it keeps me grounded in truth. Because He keeps my heart in tune with His heart.

Have you ever noticed that when you hang with a friend, you become more like that friend? That’s the only motive we need for having a “snack” or “meal” with God. I want to spend time with God because I want to be more like him.

We need to throw religion out the window and and embrace relationship with all we’ve got!

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