I hope this finds all of you having a happy Monday. Austin’s been home with a fever today….ahhhh motherhood—it’s the ministry of availability.

Because many of you have been asking, I wanted to update you on three things:

1) Erica is still dealing with the myoclonic jerks. It’s now been two months. A couple of weeks ago she decided to go off all the medications they were giving her to slow/stop the jerks because they were tranquilizing medications which were making her mentally non-functional (and very irritable!). She feels much better off the meds, but unfortunately the involuntary jerking is still there. We have an appt at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN next Tuesday, May 19. We’re hoping to get several specialists under one roof to help us figure out what is going on in her body.

2) Evan’s band, COURTLAND, is now in the top three contestants for the WCIC Opening Act contest! Each week the band/individual with the least number of votes gets “voted off” of the contest. If you voted last week, thank you! If you didn’t vote and would like to or if you did and want to help them out again, you can vote up to 10 times for COURTLAND between now and 5pm this Thursday, May 14 here. That’s also where you can listen to some great music by up and coming Christian artists!

3) There’s just 24 hours left to register for the Hearts at Home University “Is There Really Sex After Kids” live, interactive webcast I’ll be doing tomorrow night. Tuition is just $15. There’s also just 24 hours left to take advantage of a discounted rate for all four Hearts at Home University webcasts being offered in May, June, July, and August. You can register for tomorrow night’s webcast and/or all four webcasts here!

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