Yesterday was a very full day and I just couldn’t find one moment to be able to post. The Hearts at Home conference for the moms in Weisbaden was a wonderful day. Most of our moms were from the Garrison Army base, but we did have two moms who traveled from Belgium and two moms who traveled from Italy!

Moms are moms wherever you go. Cultural differences may exist, but mommy culture is the same everywhere. We have the same joys, the same challenges, the same hopes and dreams for our kids.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to send a message of encouragement to the military families. Several of the moms told me they went home on our afternoon break and printed out all of the comments to share with their husband. Your words of encouragement were priceless to many of them.
Today Angie and I flew from Frankfurt, Germany to Vienna, Austria. After a wonderful lunch with some of the Vienna leadership team, Angie and the team went to set up for tomorrow’s conference. I stayed back at Nikki’s house for a quiet day to rest, recouperate, and get ready for two full days of speaking in Vienna (on Saturday) and in Budapest (on Sunday).
If you are on Facebook, I posted pictures on my Facebook page today. Here are some highlights from yesterday in Germany and today in Austria.
This is the German restaurant where we had dinner on Tuesday night.
A beautiful street in Germany.

Book signing at the Garrison bookstore.

This is an Austrian vineyard that I took a long walk through today. It was a beautiful walk!

Please be praying for our Vienna event tomorrow. It will be fully translated in real time which makes it more challenging as a speaker (I say one sentence, the translator translates one sentence). Pray there is no brain fog all day! Thanks so much!

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