I’ve slept a lot over the past three days.  Yet my body still seems to be weary.  It’s okay…it’s a good exhausted.  It’s exhaustion mixed with exhilaration! There’s nothing better than giving past your own abilities. That’s when you know that somewhere along the way it wasn’t even you anymore.  That’s when–if we could look back–we would see only one set of footprints because God is carrying us.  I love that picture.  I feel that I live that picture on a Hearts at Home conference weekend.

Let’s be honest, 20 years ago when we started Hearts at Home conferences, I was 29. Well you do the math….49 just doesn’t have the stamina of 29!  But in our weakness, that’s when God gets to do His best work!  I am so glad!

My son, Kolya, and I in the Expo Hall on Saturday

If you were at the conference this weekend, I’d love to hear about your highlights.  What was your one takeaway?  Your top two tips?  There are moms (and dads!) who hang out here in the blog world who can’t attend due to distance or other circumstances.  Let’s share some of the wisdom and perspective you gained so they can benefit as well!

There are also moms who will be signing up for the November 8-9 North Central Hearts at Home conference with the same speakers.  What workshops do you recommend they don’t miss?

By the way, there are several links I want to share with you as a follow up of the conference:

1) If you would like to join our effort to stop the mommy wars, you can sign the Knock It Off commitment here: www.KnockItOffMoms.com.

2) You can purchase audio downloads or CD’s of all the workshops and main sessions here.

3) You can find the videos and leaders guides that accompany the No More Perfect Moms book here.  These are great resources if you decide to do the book in a group study!

Now let’s hear some feedback!  If you went to the Hearts at Home National Conference, what did YOU learn this weekend?  What impacted YOU the most?

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