Today’s been a big family day for me. My dad had back surgery today in Indianapolis. I was blessed to be able to be with my mom and dad Sunday night thru Monday evening. Surgery went well but he’s got a bit of a recovery ahead of him.

I left Indy to drive back to Central Illinois and a full-blown, impromptu going away party happening at my house for my son-in-law, Kendall, who is leaving for Army basic training tomorrow.

Last week Kendall and Erica went on a church retreat with the Fuel college ministry. Kendall chose to be baptized at the retreat and he’s so excited about his new life in Christ. His new friends showed up tonight to pray for him and Erica as Kendall heads to the Army.

As a mom (and a mother-in-law) I have always prayed that my kids would have other “influencers in Christ” in their life. Tonight I saw that in action as 12 young adults joined Mark and I and our boys to circle around Erica and Kendall and pray for them.

Wow….it just doesn’t get better than that.

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