Father’s Day is upon us, and you’re likely doing what I’m doing: trying to figure out how to make it a great day for dad. I’ve been thinking about some important gifts we need to give dad today and everyday. The best part is that these gifts don’t cost a dime, but their value is literally priceless. Before this weekend is over, give dad one or more of these gifts from the heart:

Admiration– Dr. Willard Harley did a study of the needs of men and women and found that one of a man’s top five needs is admiration. Admiring traits, talents, and accomplishments is powerful communication to a father. Admiration can be spoken or written. Most importantly, it just needs to happen on a regular basis. Dads need to be built up at home. Tell dad what you admire about him, today!

Appreciation-Dads rarely get a thank you for the things that they do. Providing leadership, income, and taking care of the house and yard are some of the contributions many dads make to the family. A “thank you” for the everyday things that are accomplished means the world to him. Tell dad thank you for the things he does!

Help– Is there a job Dad needs to do in the yard or around the house that you can help him with? It’s always more enjoyable to do a task with someone else. Ask Dad if there is something you can help him do.

Love– What is Dad’s love language? Is it quality time, physical touch and closeness, acts of service, encouraging words, or gift giving? Everybody gives and receives love differently. Make sure you are speaking dad’s love language and not yours. To learn more about love languages check out the book “The Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman. Tell Dad you love him today—in his love language!

Respect– Respect is the act of showing consideration and high regard for another person. When a man knows that his family respects his knowledge, his experience, and his decisions he has been given an incredible gift. Give Dad the respect he deserves today and everyday.

Time– Dad needs time for himself, time alone with his wife, and time with the family. Whatever time needs that have been lacking would make a nice Father’s Day gift. You can give this gift in the form of a coupon or even a conversation about what kind of time he feels he needs. Give Dad the gift of time today!

Tribute– Several years ago I wrote a tribute to my father. I honored him for the things he taught me, for the memories I have from my childhood, and for the life of integrity he lives. He was overwhelmed with the words I wrote. If you have a little time, sit down and write your father or your husband a tribute.

Value– Dad needs to feel needed. When a new baby arrives, dad can sometimes feel he’s been moved to the backburner. When mom and kids have so much going on in their lives, dads can feel left out. Let dad know that he is important in your life and greatly needed by you.

Dads aren’t likely to ask for these Father’s Day gifts. But if they receive them it will be one of the nicest Father’s Day celebrations they’ve ever had. Let’s let Father’s Day remind us of the importance of the non-tangible gifts we need to give one another on a daily basis. These simple gifts are the best gifts of all.

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