If you’re committed to staying within a tight budget this Christmas, you may want to consider some gift options that don’t cost a dime, but could mean the world to your loved ones.

Too often we think a gift has to be purchased when in reality, if we think outside the box, some of the most precious gifts might be right before your eyes.

Here are five Christmas gifts that don’t cost anything:



Gift of Taste

Does everyone always ask for Grandma’s cheesy potato recipe? Or Aunt Helen’s Caramel Apple Pie recipe? If so, gather all the recipes into one family recipe book. I did this several years ago with my Mammaw’s favorite recipes. I enhanced the book by including some copies of original recipes in my Mammaw’s own handwriting. It was a gift valued by each family member that received it!

Gift of Talent

Do you have a knack for organizing? Could you offer to teach someone a skill you have? What do you do that comes easy for you, but others struggle with? Make a gift certificate for a specific number of lessons or a specific amount of time you will give to help your friend or family member. Then follow up and get the gift scheduled so you can make good on your promise.

Gift of Time

How could you bless someone with an offering of time? A free night of babysitting? Four hours of housecleaning? Could you commit to shoveling the sidewalk for your neighbor throughout the entire winter season? Once you determine the gift of time, communicate it in a card, a homemade gift certificate, or a letter, and then follow up if you need to schedule a time to “deliver” your gift.

Gift of Tribute

Write a tribute to your mom, dad, sister, grandparent, or best friend. What do you love about them? What special memories do you have? Write it, print it out, and frame it. Too often we share our special memories about someone after they are gone–often at a funeral. A tribute communicates those fond memories and what they mean to you now, while they can be blessed by your powerful words.

Gift of Task Relief

My husband is a fabulous help around the house. He’ll do just about anything I ask him to do…but the man HATES to dust. Several years ago I committed to him that I would never, ever ask him to dust again…for the rest of my life. You would have thought that I gave the guy a kidney! Seriously.

What task could you relieve a loved one of? What comes easily to you but is challenging for someone you love? Could you offer to simply take that off their “to do” list for a certain period of time? It doesn’t have to be “for the rest of your life,” but it could be “for the next month,” or “for the next year.”

What about you? What “cost nothing” gifts have you given or received in the past that meant a lot?


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