Tuesday night my boys and I worked together to fill three shoeboxes to send to Operation Christmas Child. I want this Christmas to be about giving more than any others, because I think it’s important for those of us who have so much to share with those who have so little. I know that my perspective has been greatly affected by my Compassion trip earlier this year (see archived posts from May 12-18, 2008).

As we got ready to head to the store the boys asked, “While we’re getting stuff for the shoesboxes, can I get something at the store, too?” My immediate thought was that they could if they spent their own money. Going to the store is a rarity for our boys because they have a mother who hates to shop! But then I thought again and told the boys that this wasn’t a trip where they could get something for themselves. This was a trip completely to bless someone else and I didn’t want them to be distracted by their own wants.

It proved to be a wonderful evening of working together to bless someone else. What are you doing this holiday season to focus on the giving more than the receiving? I’d love to hear about it!

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