As you have heard me teach over and over, every family and every marriage has its challenges.  For the past few months Mark and I have been in such a season. It grieves me to share this with you, but Mark has chosen to separate.

If you are reading this you are an important part of my community and I would ask that you would pray for my family.  I may be less visible and accessible for a season and I would appreciate your understanding.  I need to circle my wagons and care for my broken heart and my children’s broken hearts.

My blog will continue to bring encouragement to you…sometimes from me as I walk through this dark season…and sometimes from fabulous Hearts at Home speakers who are stepping up and asking to bring encouragement to you while I care for my family.

We have been surrounded by close friends and family who are loving us through this difficult time.  I have not been alone since Thursday evening.

I honestly don’t know how people go through these things without knowing the God who will never leave them. I can promise you that He is the one holding me up right now.

Update: May 2012: Mark has returned to his family and his marriage.  We are grateful for God’s continued healing in our lives and we trust that He will use this dark and difficult season for His purposes.

Update: June 2013: Mark and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage and we are so grateful!

Update: January 2015: Check out our 10 Day No More Perfect Marriages Blog series that not only tells the story of our hard marriage season, but also shares wisdom for battling the “slow fades” every marriage experiences. 

Update: February 2017: Check out our new book No More Perfect Marriages that not only tells our story but also helps every couple become aware of and know how to stop the seven slow fades every marriage experiences! 

Update: February 2022: Mark and I are going to celebrate 39 years of marriage this year!  We’ve now created many resources to help hurting couples! (Click on “Marriage” in the navigation this website to find them all!)

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