Thank you to all of you who have commented on the Sunday post about being at home even when the kids are in school. Let me clarify that if a mom chooses to do something different that doesn’t make her a bad mom–it means that her choices are different than mine. End of story.

Would you do me a favor? Do you know of a mom at home who could use the encouragement of that article? Would you forward it to just one friend who needs at word of encouragement? You can do that by clicking on the title of the post on my blog site and sending the link to a friend. You can also click on “share this” at the bottom of the post and send it to a friend that way, too.

Tonight was “meet the teachers” night at the junior high. With Austin being child #5 to go through junior high, his siblings reputation’s precede him. Luckily the teachers have pretty good memories, for the most part! I love meeting the teachers and establishing relationship with them so we can partner to make it a great year!

The remainder of this week is a little different than usual. I’m traveling to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a day at Focus on the Family on Thursday. We’ll be talking about how Hearts at Home and Focus on the Family can partner together to encourage moms. I’ll also be doing some recording while I’m out there.

On Friday, after a quick stop in Ft. Collins to see some relatives, I’m going to the mountains! I’m traveling with two friends, one who’s never been to the Rockies. We decided to do an extra girls night getaway in a cabin in Allens Park, Colorado which is near Estes Park.

Honestly Mark goes away on weekend getaways with his friends more often than I do (he uses golf as an excuse!) So I’m really looking forward to this little bit of heaven on Friday and Saturday.

So what do you do to get away with some girlfriends on occasion?

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