When my older kids were in high school, Focus on the Family produced two wonderful magazines: one for teen boys called Breakaway and one for teen girls called Brio. Unfortunately both magazines are no longer produced which makes me very sad because they were great resources.

However, I’ve recently become aware of two magazines for teen girls that I wanted to share with you! Collage Magazine and Mighty Strong Girls Magazine are both great resources for your teen daughters!  Both of their websites offer additional resources to encourage girls as well!

While we’re talking about this subject, if you have a daughter, you also need to know about Lynn Cowell. Lynn is a speaker at our 2013 Hearts at Home conferences. Her workshop Wise Women…Wiser Daughters was packed out and received great reviews.  (You can download an MP3 of her workshop for $4 if you are interested in hearing her workshop.) She has a book and a devotional for teen girls, too!

If you have sons, you might want to check out the Hearts at Home workshop by Rob Currie: Boys R Us: Raising Sons from 2 to 22!  It got rave reviews as well!

Finally, Pam Farrel and I wrote the book Got Teens? to empower moms to navigate the teen years with intentionality.  I’ll never forget a young man that walked up to me at the pool one summer and said, “Are you Mrs. Savage?” I said, “I am.” He continued with, “My mom made me read your book Got Teens and I want you to know that you are right on.” That made me smile so big. First that he actually read the book (it’s written for parents, not teenagers!) and second that he found it to be accurate!  Compliments don’t come better than that!

One more resource…this is for any mom in any season of motherhood:  I’m a featured speaker in a free online mom conference that launches this Friday.  Come join the fun over at Hannah Keeley’s Mom Mastery Summit April 12-15!

What about you? Do you know of any other resources for teen girls that you would recommend? What about boys? Do you know about any positive resources for teen boys?

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