Today is a special day at the Savage household. We’re celebrating our daughter’s 18th birthday and her high school graduation.
Erica was always a fun child, very inquisitive, and very funny. Finding her pulling all the toilet paper off the roll was a daily activity. When she started talking…she never stopped. I remember my father taking 4 year old Erica on a 3 hour drive to his home in Indianapolis. When he arrived home he called me and said, “Does she ever stop talking?”
She’s artistic, musical, and lots of fun.
Erica has completed her high school education at Normal Community High School, at home, and at Heartland Community College. She’ll now continue at Heartland pursuing a degree in art education.
It’s hard to believe she’s 18 already. I guess my friend Charlene Baumbich is right. She says “Don’t miss your kids…they’ll be gone before you know it!”

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