Do you ever find yourself focusing more on what you don’t have, rather than all that you have?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the mundane chores of family life and wonder if any of it really makes a difference?

With Thanksgiving upon us, I’ve been thinking about all I have been given. In fact, I’ve been giving thought to the very responsibilities that I have as a mother that I often take for granted. I sometimes exhibit an ungrateful attitude in doing these tasks when I forget the gifts I’ve been given in them. This weekend I’m working on a shift in thinking. I’m considering a different perspective. As I evaluate all my blessings, I’m finding I’m thankful for:

Laundry…because it means that my family has clothes to wear.

Dishes…because it means that my family has food to eat.

Bills…because it means that we have financial provisions.

Making Beds…because it means we have a warm, soft place to rest at night.

Dusting…because it means we have furniture to enjoy.

Vacuuming…because it means we have a home to care for.

Picking up toys…because it means I have children to bring joy to my life.

So often we grumble about taking care of the gifts we have been given. Caring for the needs of our spouse and our children is being given the opportunity to invest in the life of another. This kind of care should not be described as mundane chores. Instead it is an honor to serve my family when I make meals or do laundry, dishes, dusting, and vacuuming. My jobs may be unseen to the eyes of others, but they are valuable to the family unit as a whole.

Sometimes we need a fresh perspective by thinking of all we have in a different way. And when we do, we’re reminded of the incredible gifts we’ve been given!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to your family!

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