Hawaii is absolutely beautiful. I was struck by God’s creativity and and the unique beauty of His creation. We were on the island of Maui near the city of Lahaina.

Everyday we had sunshine and 85 degree temperatures. What a change considering when we left Chicago and returned to Chicago it was snowing and the temperature was 4 degrees!

Mark and I stayed in the timeshare 2 bedroom unit with our friends Annette and Ruben and their 11 year old daughter Andrea. Andrea and Ruben both scuba dive so they did quite a bit of diving throughout the week. Mark and Ruben golfed twice and Mark was so proud that he hit one ball that actually ended up in the ocean.

Most days I enjoyed the sun and lots of reading (more about that tomorrow!).

One day we drove what is known as the “road to Hana” and many of these pictures are from that day. This is when we got to see the most beautiful parts of Maui but the road was extremely winding, and often one lane where cars had to yield to one another every few hundred feet. It took us 3 hours to travel the winding 32 mile road—that’s how crazy it was. But it was filled with beautiful foliage and plant life, waterfalls, and incredible views of the ocean.

Much of the time I felt like we were on the set of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!” because the plants were so big and we were so small next to them!

I knew that the Hawaiian Islands are volcanos, but I never thought about how that would affect the look of the land. We spent alot of time exploring lava fields that extended right out into the ocean. We also explored a black sand beach that was beautiful!

I loved the picture below that looks like hands lifted up in worship. It brought to mind the scripture that says that “even the rocks will cry out in praise.”

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